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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baggage People Lug Around

How many bags do you have

to pack for your vacation?

Do you adhere to the One-Bag/One-Person philosphy of vacation travel? We're talking checked-baggage here. Some folks do...however, some others (who will remain nameless as long as their checks clear) carry around a lot more BAGGAGE! 2, even 3, or more suitcases ... come on folks! It's just a vacation - you're not moving! To those that plaintively queried ?what's a vacation? we can only suggest - !Get a Life!

My travel-pack has a detachable daypack that I do not check-in and instead take on the plane with me filled "essentials" - money, passport, camera, paperback book. Even though I have to take them off at security, I wear my hiking boots on the plane and check my Tevas in my luggage. Sometimes I take a second bag - a medium sized duffel - that I stow my snorkel gear in. I usually toss a change of clothes in too, to take up a little space on the out-bound flight.

I could very well pack my flippers and snorkel in my travel-pack, but the real purpose of the extra duffel is to have a bag to fill with trinkets for the folks back home! If I know I won't be snorkeling, I have a nylon stuff-sack that is supposed to be for a sleeping bag that I take for extra goodie-space. Coming home I will pack my stinky clothes in the stuff-sack and fill my travel-pack with the good stuff!

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