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Friday, March 13, 2009

Cayes Reefs Skye - Seaing is Belize-ing

Cayes Reefs Skye - Seaing is Belize-ing


Image #1 - Cayes Reefs Skye & Seas

December 2006 - Flying from Caye Hicaco (Caulker) Belize towards the northern mainland area of the country, I was awestruck by the incredibly glassy smooth and reflective surface of the Caribbean Sea that afternoon. I had never seen such a large body of water so perfectly smooth as the sea between the cayes was this day. I was a passenger in the little 10 seat single prop plane and took the opportunity to take many shots out the window as we flew along at only a few hundred feet in the air. I found this motorboat scribing its wake across the water almost parallel to the exposed reef very intriguing

While reviewing my Belize photos I thought you might enjoy this image and and some additional images created from it. This first image has been cropped to remove one of the plane's wing struts that was captured in the full frame. Well below, image #4, you will find a reverse or mirrored image of this same photo. From these two images I created the mirrored perspectives of images #2 and #3.


Image #2 - I refer to image as "Inward Mirror" with the appearance of the boats converging.


Image #3 - The Outward Mirror - as the boats seem to be speeding away to different harbours. Combining the mirrored images also creates some interesting illusions within the reflections of the clouds on the water.


Image #4 - the reversed view of the original photo.


Image #5 - Cloud reflections in tidal pools.


Image #6 - An area of shallow reefs, mudflats, and sinkholes in various greens and browns creating an interesting pallet of textures and patterns.

All the proceeding images were taken with a Kodak Z740 digital camera. Editing was minimal - cropping of the original photo to remove wing strut from view, reversing the cropped image, and the subsesquent merging of the original and reversed copy to create the mirror views.

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