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Sunday, April 6, 2008

⊕ Weekend Qwiki Quiz ⊕

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1 backpack
8 months
26 Countries
Journey of a Lifetime

The above journey took me literally 'round the
world. It was a "solo" journey; except for 3 arrivals
no one was expecting me along the way (friends
made while in the South Pacific I then visited in
their home countries when I got to Europe) and
I didn't know anyone until I got there; only three
of the countries were English speaking; I rarely
had a room reservation; my budget was $30/day.Sydney Opera House

⊕ Weekend Qwiki Quiz ⊕

Given the chance, would you,
could you, make the journey?

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Lorraine said...

The only thing that would make me hesitate a bit is the $30 a day. That's about £15 and that would scare me I think! But I would love to travel like that. Maybe one day ...

Mel010100 said...

You can't begin to imagine how envious I am!!! That is my idea of heaven!